Epic Visual Novel ‘Full Metal Daemon Muramasa’ Is Finally Available in the West

JAST USA has released Full Metal Daemon Muramasa in the west. The PC visual novel developed by Nitroplus is one of the critically aclaimed titles some of the fandom had even given up on ever coming west. But now it’s available on JAST Store.

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa tells the story of warriors called musha. Using the powerful suits of armor called tsurugi, they fight endlessly. The protagonist, Minato Kageaki, is a musha and lives by the saying “Where there are demons, I slay them. Where there are saints, I slay them.” As such, the game is not a story of heroes who believe they’re right, but of people who despite that still stand on the battlefield.

Besides the digital version of the game, JAST is selling a huge collector’s edition via J-List. It contains a game DVD encased in a special bamboo outer box, a special artbook in the traditional Orihon style, a 7” vinyl record, and a coat in traditional Happi style. It also includes codes to download the game without opening the DVD so you can keep the collection intact while still enjoying the game.

For those eager for even more Full Metal Daemon Muramasa limited goods, they’re also selling a Muramasa the Second 1/7 Scale Figure on J-List. It’s made by figure maker WING and only two hundred of those will be made, making it an extra-special limited item.

Celebrating the release, the company has also shared a story trailer, which you can check out below:

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