Epic Nitroplus Visual Novel ‘Full Metal Daemon Muramasa’ Getting Western Release This August

JAST USA has announced the western release of Full Metal Daemon Muramasa. The visual novel developed by Nitroplus will be available on PC on August 24, 2021.

This game has been long anticipated by the fandom since it’s known as one of Nitroplus’ most acclaimed titles. It’s one of the highest rated VNs on the visual novel database, VNDB.

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa tells the story of warriors called musha. Not only are they strong but they have supernatural powers and enchanted suits of armor called tsurugi.

Minato Kageaki is one of those and wields the cursed tsurugi Muramasa. This crimson armor has caused a big calamity five centuries ago and its power can only be used by sacrificing innocent blood.

Though he may sometimes fight against tyrants and evil men, he doesn’t claim to be someone just. Fighting both demons and saints, the game promises a story that isn’t about heroes or justice.

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is written by Narahara Ittetsu (Hanachirasu, Kaigen Seito) and its illustrations are by NamanikuATK who’s also directed the 2D graphics of Phantom of Inferno, Togainu no Chi, Demonbane and Tokyo Necro.

The mecha designs are by Ishikawa Makoto, who also worked on Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer, Robotics;Notes and Tokyo Necro. The soundtrack was composed by Zizz Studio (Phantom of Inferno, Muv-Luv, The Song of Saya, Mary Skelter).

Check out the announcement trailer below:

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