Action Souls-like ‘Enotria: The Last Song’ Gets June Release Date in New Gameplay Trailer

Action Souls-like ‘Enotria: The Last Song’ Gets June Release Date in New Gameplay Trailer

Jyamma Games announced they will release their action Souls-like Enotria: The Last Song on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on June 21, 2024.

Those who pre-order receive the OST extract and one upgrade for the weapon materials. Further, a Deluxe Edition is available that includes 2-hour early access, DLC, OST and Artbook extract, and additional bonus content.

Enotria: The Last Song introduces players to a vibrant, sun-drenched world steeped in Italian folklore, yet shadowed by a sinister presence known as the Canovaccio. This malevolent force enacts an unending play that traps the land and its inhabitants in a perpetual state of stasis. As the Maskless One, devoid of a predestined role, you are uniquely capable of challenging the Canovaccio’s dominion. Your mission is to confront the formidable Authors behind this scheme, utilizing the mystical energy of Ardore to disrupt the status quo and liberate Enotria from its cycle of repetition.

The game blends the allure of Italian landscapes with the grim undertones of dark secrets, offering a Soulslike experience that demands mastery and strategy. Players can adopt the Masks of defeated foes, each granting unique abilities and influencing play style with distinct strengths and weaknesses. This system, combined with the innovative Path of Innovators, allows for deep customization and tactical flexibility, encouraging players to experiment with different Loadouts and adapt to the challenges ahead. With the power to alter reality itself, solve intricate puzzles, and unveil hidden truths, Enotria: The Last Song promises a journey of liberation, innovation, and transformation, setting the stage for an epic tale of defiance against the forces that seek to dictate fate.

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