Over 10-Year English Fan Translation Efforts Completed; Amagami & EbiKore+ Amagami

Fan translation group Ni-shi-shi Translations has announced that their English fan translation patches for Amagami and EbiKore+ Amagami on PlayStation 2 and PSP are available to download. Amagami is the original release (2009) available on PlayStation 2, while EbiKore+ Amagami is an updated re-release (2011) available on both PlayStation 2 and PSP by publisher Kadokawa Games. EbiKore+ Amagami would include several fixes alongside incorporating a mahjong minigame.

This collective fan translation project began roughly over ten years ago, with its first day patches released during the same time frame.

For those unaware of what Amagami is, it was initially a PlayStation 2 dating sim by the developer and publisher Enterbrain. It grew prevalent in Japan, birthing several manga adaptations and two anime series. The title follows the protagonist, Junichi Tachibana, who experiences heartbreak when his girlfriend stands him up on Christmas eve. As a result, he has grown understandably cautious about pursuing relationships and falling in love. However, in his second year of high school, he re-learns love, and himself, when falling for one of six heroines.

Moreover, Amagami is also seen as a spiritual successor to another popular Japanese dating sim, KimiKiss, which received many manga adaptations, a light novel, and an anime adaption.

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While Amagami has always remained relatively niche, especially in the West, it has always boasted a dedicated and passionate fanbase. These recent translation patches by Ni-shi-shi Translations, roughly a decade in the making, undoubtedly illustrate how culturally precious these titles are. Amagami is actually one of the first anime I ever watched, purely by coincidence, and I vastly enjoyed it, though its relevance has faded from my mind over the years. Still, seeing it resurge in such a manner is thrilling, and I’m yearning to experience these impactful games.

Instructions for applying the patch and thoughts from the team regarding this impressive and notable process can be accessed via the Ni-shi-shi Translations home page. It is also worth noting that despite the translations being complete, these are still labeled as Beta translations since the team specifies that they are not perfect and will contain errors.

Regardless, I’m confident that I and many others believe that these translation releases are positively significant—immense congratulations to Ni-shi-shi Translations for this ambitious and stellar work.

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