Point-and-Click Adventure ‘ENCODYA’ to Launch Free Demo

Nicola Piovesan and Chaosmonger Studio announced that their point and click adventure ENCODYA will release a free demo for PC on June 19 to whoever subscribes to the game’s newsletter.

ENCODYA’s demo will take place the night before the adventure of an orphan Tina and her guardian robot SAM-53, which will lead into the events of the full game. Players will be able to take on a mission where the two must find a bus ticket to get home. As simple as it sounds, the demo will allow players to get familiar with the game’s systems and mechanics. There is one hour of gameplay, eight characters to talk with, and six detailed environments to explore.

ENCODYA is the first of three point-and-click adventure games from the developer. By assuming the role of Tina and SAM-53, players will be able to interact with items and explore environments. The developer has also included randomized elements to make each playthrough unique and intuitive.

Additionally, the developer released a new trailer showing gameplay and the characters interacting in the dark and futuristic world. It also shows some of the point-and-click adventure features including various environments.

Currently, ENCODYA is in development for PC, a firm release date or platform has not been revealed.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below:

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