Elsword Launches Character Reboot as Part of Major Update

KOG Games announced the launched of the first character update as the start of their game-wide reboot of Elsword.

The idea of these updates is that overtime all 13 characters will receive a reboot, which will alter the gameplay significantly. The adjustments made to the game will impact both PvE and PvP content as it adds new streamlined attack types, evasion techniques, and new traits across all Characters and Job Paths. The update will also add new character animations for each character.

During the update, the base Attack and Defense of the character will be normalized. Then, the attack types of these characters will be adjusted to focus on their designated specialty. All skill slots and skill traits of the rebooted character will be reset. New skills will be added for all Character Path and attack commands will be readjusted as well.

The first three characters to receive the reboot will be Elsword, Rena, and Eve. To give players a better idea of they have been updated, the developer released a new gameplay trailer showing each of the characters in action. The trailer also shows the character’s new attack animations.

You can check out more detailed animations for the characters at the official website.

You can watch the trailer below:

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