Elements with Emotions Reveals Japanese Voice Cast Members & Character Profiles

Yes, this is gonna happen. The official website for the previously announced Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions visual novel by Square Enix has recently updated and revealed the individual character profiles of each of the 10 Shikekan, as well as their Japanese voice actors.

Here are all of the character bios, as well as their voice actors in Japanese. I’ve provided their individual images for convenience in case you’ve forgotten who’s who:

Saku Minamoto – Voiced by: Kento Itō

elements with emotions char1
Minamoto Saku – Voiced by Kento Itō

Hails from the renowned Minamoto family, which has produced a number of Hydrogen-wielding Shikenkan. He is serious and calm, but he has a weakness for the unexpected and is unable to take a joke, and always believes people at face value. He is proud to be a Shikenkan and tries to fulfill his mission with a strong will.

Eito Yasukata – Voiced by: Junya Enoki

elements with emotions char2
Yasukata Eito – Voiced by Enoki Junya

A bright and energetic mood maker. He is an honest and nice guy who treats everyone equally. He believes that for as long as he lives, he should enjoy life to its fullest. He is willing to go to any lengths to bring smiles to the faces of those he cares about.

Rikka Kasumi – Voiced by: Atsushi Tamaru

elements with emotions char3
Kasumi Rikka – Voiced by Atsushi Tamaru

Rikka’s abilities are considered to be a diamond in the rough with a lot of potential. However, due to his low self-esteem, he feels he’s about to be crushed by the expectations of those around him. Adores drawing and loves eating Japanese sweets. He decided to voluntarily take the test to become a Shikenkan.

Shiki Uroku – Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa

elements with emotions char4
Uroku Shiki – Voiced by Makoto Furukawa

A realist with keen insight. On the outside, he seems friendly, but he never shows his true feelings and is elusive. Although he refuses to talk about his past, he always lays flowers at the cenotaph for the victims of the dead matter. In his spare time, he’s often seen developing new traps.

Nanase Tosho – Voiced by: Shun Horie

elements with emotions char5
Tosho Nanase – Voiced by Shun Horie

A closed-minded young man who only does what he is ordered or told to do without question. The only person to whom he opens his heart is Eito, and as such, he’s particularly fond of him. 

Misora Ukiishi – Voiced by: Koutaro Nishiyama

elements with emotions char6
Ukiishi Misora – Voiced by Koutaro Nishiyama

He is the fashionable leader of the Defense Headquarters. Although he looks and talks like a flirt, he is well-versed in science and technology and has a deep knowledge of culture and the arts. He hates conservative and egocentric thinking, and his motto is to “live life in his own way.” He loves playing the piano in his spare time.

Jin Kurogane – Voiced by: Daiki Hamano

elements with emotions char7
Kurogane Jin – Voiced by Daiki Hamano

The Acting Commanding Officer of the Defense Headquarters. Although wielding the element of Iron takes a heavy physical toll on him, he has been fighting on the front lines for over a decade. Despite coming off as a dependable superior officer, he is easily influenced by his emotions.

Izayoi Seiryu – Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto

elements with emotions char10
Seiryu Izayoi – Voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto

Though he is the oldest of all the currently active Shikekans, he does not have the dignity of an elder. In fact, he is extremely careless and irresponsible. He claims that he is the strongest if he puts his mind to it, but his habit of slacking off has made him emit disappointing first impressions. His favorite activity is going to hot springs.

Ichina Shiozuru – Voiced by: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

elements with emotions char9
Shiozuru Ichina – Voiced by Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

A man who finds his raison d’etre only in destruction. He always wears a mask because his breath unconsciously becomes toxic when he is driven to kill. He usually keeps his distance from his surroundings and lives in the basement of the Defense Headquarters. 

Kuon Todoroki – Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka

elements with emotions char8
Todoroki Kuon – Voiced by Ryōta Ōsaka

A self-proclaimed perfect aspirant and a confident person, but despite his statements, he does have the ability to show for it. He has an attractive appearance and many fans. Always expresses himself in a straightforward manner, but deep inside that façade of his, he’s lonely and yearns for someone to truly love him.

Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions is a brand-new “friendship bonding simulation adventure” visual novel, where players will bond together with the Shikenkan, special boys that wield the elements of the periodic table, as the world comes to an end in 50 days. The player takes on the role of a mediator who has to create various chemical reactions by combining the power of the Shikenkan and fighting against the enemy force. The game is set to release next year in Japan only for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in Japan in 2023. A Western release is unconfirmed as of yet.

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