Elements with Emotions Launching for Mobile in Japan August 10

Square Enix has recently announced that their “friendship bonding simulation adventure” visual novel, Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions, will be officially released on mobile devices in Japan on August 10, 2023. In addition to this, the final DLC character has been added for Season Pass holders on the Nintendo Switch. Those who are interested in purchasing the Japanese mobile version can pre-register via Google Play or the App Store. Unfortunately, neither version has a Western release as of the time of writing.

The mobile version will include four main elements: Saku Minamoto (Hydrogen), Eito Yasukata (Oxygen), Rikka Kasumi (Carbon), and Shiki Uroku (Berilium). The other elements: Nanase Tosho (Nitrogen), Misora Ukiishi (Lithium), Jin Kurogane (Iron), Izayoi Seiryu (Sulfur), Ichina Shiozuru (Chlorine), and Kuon Todoroki (Fluorine), which could be acquired as DLC on Nintendo Switch currently don’t have any mention of if and when they’ll release on mobile.

Furthermore, the mobile version will allow players to play the first two main story “Theory” chapters free of charge, before prompting players to purchase the full game for ¥3300. At the same time the mobile version releases, these free chapters will also be released on Nintendo Switch in the form of a demo version, available via the Japanese eShop.

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In Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions, players will bond together with the Shikenkan, special boys that wield the elements of the periodic table, as the world comes to an end in 50 days. The player takes on the role of a mediator who has to create various chemical reactions by combining the power of the Shikenkan and fighting against the enemy force. The game is currently available on Nintendo Switch and will come to mobile on August 10, 2023. Neither versions have gotten confirmation of a Western release.

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