Elden Ring Officially Rated in Korea and Australia; Strong Fantasy Themes, Intense Violence

The upcoming highly anticipated From Software game Elden Ring has been rated Mature in Australia today for strong fantasy themes and violence. Last week, the game was also officially rated 18+ in Korea for excessive violence and blood, which is the equivalent of the Mature rating in the US by the ESRB.

These two ratings are in line with previous From Software titles, with the exception of Dark Souls II having a T rating.

The previously shown gameplay footage of Elden Ring has showcased the bloody and violent combat that will be present in the game, so these ratings do not come as a surprise. Games are usually officially rated a few months before the actual release date, so the fact that Elden Ring has been rated in both Australia and Korea means that it is, in fact, close to completion.

Play Play Play

For more information on Elden Ring, PlayStation Japan will host a ‘Play! Play! Play!’ live stream on October 16 featuring Dragon Quest X Offline, Elden Ring, and Horizon Forbidden West. Virtual YouTuber Dennou Shojo Siro will have a deep discussion of Elden Ring with Hatsune Matsushima, the show’s host.

Elden Ring will be releasing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on January 21, 2022.

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