Edge Of Eternity Launches ‘New Beginning Update’ Adding Prologue, Procedurally Generated Dungeons, and Optimized Missions

Dear Villagers and Maple Whispering Limited announced that the Midgar Studio-developed RPG Edge Of Eternity has launched a New Beginning Update for Steam players.

The update includes a new mission in the Solna Plain where players can explore a lighthouse at the start of Chapter II. Here, players can take on 50 floors of a procedurally generated dungeon. Modifiers are present to make exploration easier, and chests containing powerful equipment can also be found. However, if your team dies before beating the next boss, then you’ll have to restart your ascent from the last checkpoint boss (e.g., if you die on floor 19, you’ll start again on floor 10, but if you die on floor 21, you’ll start again on floor 20).

Further, the developer has added a new prologue where the game’s opening has been “revamped.” The “drama” sequence is now chopped up, broken down, and divided into three distinct sequences in the form of nightmarish dreams. As in the previous version, these moments will be fully playable when Daryon and your team fall asleep at key moments in the narrative (more precisely, in Chapters II and III). Overhauling the structure that underpins the experience was no mean feat, but we’ve come up with a result that we hope will convince you.

Lastly, some early missions have been refined to end sooner so new players don’t have to do too much back and forth.

The update is planned to release on consoles by the end of summer, along with all of the other quality-of-life updates found in the PC version.

Edge of Eternity has been in development by a small group of JRPG fans. Since it first launched on Steam Early Access, the game has seen regular updates and additional chapters as it expanded its systems and perfected its mechanics.

The story follows a soldier named Daryon and his group on their quest to save a dying world. Players will tackle quests in various ways as they fight monsters and towering bosses utilizing a turn-based battle system. The game also features musical tracks from Chrono Trigger and Xenoblade Chronicles composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Edge of Eternity is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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You can watch the trailer below:

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