Indie RPG ‘Edge of Eternity’ Shows Story and Environments in Chapter 3 Launch trailer

Dear Villagers released a new trailer for the Midgar Studio developed RPG Edge of Eternity, available now via Steam Early Access.

The trailer is for the launch of the recently revealed Chapter 3: The Reunion, which is the newest story content available in the game. Players can get a nice preview of the characters and story in the update as well as check out some of the new environments. This update will continue the story of Daryon and Selene on their quest to find a cure to the all-consuming Corrosion that is plaguing the world. However, they will have to make many sacrifices along the way.

Edge of Eternity is being developed by 9 people so Early Access was their best means to release the game and get support from fans to make the game as great as it could be by the time it officially launched. They understand that it was a huge task to take on, but they are willing to do it and the work that they have put in so far proves that they can put out quality content.

Currently, there isn’t a set release date, but the developer has released new patch notes that will update with the game today:

– Fixed a bug that was preventing the Nekaroo from digging into dig sites
– Fixed some navigation positioning issues in battles
– Fixed some clipping issues during cutscenes
– Fixed a bug where a character could be teleported into nether when starting a battle and so provoking a broken battle
– Fixed some transitions issues during cutscenes
– Fixed a few camera focusing issues during combats
– Raised soft cap to level 30
– Added missing translations from chapter II
– Fixed a bug on Defense Breaker that was able to make enemy defense value negative
– Improved a few UI
– Fixed a few issues when switching leaders
– Fixed a bug that could corrupt quest state progression with quicksaves when a cutscene is starting at the same time
– Reduced levels of some monsters
– Reduced impact of fatigue on the stats reductions

You can watch the new trailer below:

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