Dark Fantasy Visual Novel ‘Eden’s Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy’ Coming West to PC

Dark Fantasy Visual Novel ‘Eden’s Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy’ Coming West to PC

ShiraVN announced that they will publish the Waffle-developed dark fantasy visual novel Eden’s Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy on PC-via Steam in the west on July 31.

Eden’s Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy is set in the kingdom of Ellerald, which is under attack by monsters. The priestess Cecily calms the citizens while the warrior Noein keeps the creatures at bay. So, uhm, these creatures are known as Lustfiends, and they just broke through the city’s defenses. Evidently, they are sex-craved, so Cecily takes the form of the divine warrior Eden’s Ritter Lucifel.

Each time Cecily transforms, it takes a toll on her body. She must make the right choices in battle if she hopes to make it through alive. However, if she fails, well, then you’ll get the bad ending, which probably means your in for an eye-full.

Eden’s Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy features the full story as well as two extra side stories. The game is an adult visual novel with no all-ages version available.

During gameplay, players will make choices and interact with the scenes as Cecily to help her defeat the demon invasion. There are multiple endings available and plenty of CGs to unlock along the way. I would say this isn’t a vanilla game by any means.

You can check out some screenshots below:

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