Animated Adventure Visual Novel ‘EDEN.schemata()’ Revealed in Debut Trailer

Why So Serious announced their newest project, EDEN.schemata(), in development for PC-via Steam.

EDEN.schemata() is a sci-fi mystery that features hand-drawn animation and multiple story routes. The scenarios have been created by Van Madoy (Revoir series, Murder at Kogetsukan (Fate/GrandOrder)), with each subsequent playthrough, you’ll discover new facts, gradually closing in on the truth. During the playthrough, the UI transforms and reveals more of the truth.

The story has players assume the role of an amnesiac protagonist, who must interact with an android named Eve. Eve is the suspected killer of someone known as the Professor, but it’s not completely clear about what happened. Players will need to use deduction to solve the mystery by learning one revelation after another.

The UI and game design, in general, change in accordance with your game progress. The story and UI come together, and the general game design gradually transforms, providing an all-new, almost magic trick-like game experience.

Madoy says, “At the beginning of the project, I thought, “Is there even anything left for me to do in the world of mystery games that my predecessors haven’t already done themselves?” However, as development progressed, I reconsidered and thought, “Maybe I can realize the ideal mystery via the medium of video games.” The concept of this game is “a mystery that can be solved over and over again.” I hope you enjoy the experience of solving the kind of mystery that is only possible with video games – one that’s sort of different from other “multi-ending” games.”

You can watch the trailer below:

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