Echoes of Mana Half-Year Anniversary Campaign Now Live

Echoes of Mana Half-Year Anniversary Campaign Now Live

Square Enix has announced that their mobile action JRPG, Echoes of Mana, is celebrating its half-year anniversary with a new campaign. The contents of this extensive celebration are listed below:

  • Half-Year Anniversary Campaign Rewards – Until November 11, players can receive special campaign rewards, including up to 150 harvests (Summons) free. Players can also earn 50 harvests in Spirit Crystals and 100 harvests in Half-Year Anniversary Harvest Tickets.
  • Half-Year Anniversary Login Bonuses – Players can earn Half-Year Anniversary Harvest Tickets x10 for seven days (players can harvest x10 everyday), and, starting October 8, up to 8100 Spirit Crystals by logging into the game beginning today through November 11.
  • Half-Year Anniversary Missions – Players who participate in missions through November 10 can receive awards such as 3,000 Spirit Crystals, 4★ memory gem “The Teardrop Crystal” x4 and Half-Year Anniversary Harvest Ticket x30.
  • Half-Year Anniversary Campaign Giveaway – Until November 11, players can participate in a campaign giveaway to receive exciting awards such as ★ memory gem “The Teardrop Crystal”, Spirit Crystal x2700, SP Filler (L) x5, AP Filler (L) x5 and 4★ Sumo -Overcoming Myriad Farewells.

EoM HalfAnni1

  • Harvest (Summons) – Until October 8, players can participate in the Half-Year Anniversary Step Harvest Part 1 to obtain features such as 4★ Elazul (Significant Pursuit Ver.) 4★ Lady Blackpearl (Darkcore Shatter Ver.) and 4★ Memory Gem “Knightly Duty.” The Half-Year Anniversary Ticket Harvest period runs until January 1.
  • Scenario Event – From now until December 30, players can experience Siren Arc I: Flora & Fugue where they can obtain event rewards such as 3★ Elle (Efflorescent Wings Ver.) and 3★ Memory Gem “A Poetic Voice.”

EoM HalfAnni

Echoes of Mana is a free-to-play action RPG that has players experience an original Mana adventure that encompasses past Mana titles. The premise has players adventure to past Mana worlds, meet characters, and search for the Mana Sword. How many times can you say Mana?

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on future Echoes of Mana updates.

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