Echoes of Mana Achieves Over 1.5 Million Downloads Worldwide

Square Enix has announced that their mobile action RPG, Echoes of Mana, has achieved over 1.5 million downloads worldwide. To commemorate the occasion, a login bonus campaign is currently active where players will earn various notable rewards, such as Spirit Crystals, to enhance their combative arsenal.

You can view the tweet announcing the recent download amount and its correlative campaign below:

Echoes of Mana features an original story melding elements of previous Mana entries, such as characters and plot points. Combat is action-oriented with useable special skills requiring moderate dexterity. Multiplayer is a focal facet of the experience, with three players fighting simultaneously. Several beloved-franchise characters are also shown, such as the primary cast of Secret of Mana and some Trials of Mana party members.

The concept of this free-to-play game includes reliving scenes from multiple Mana titles. This title includes cutscenes from the remakes Adventures of ManaSecret of ManaTrials of Mana, and the PS2 game Dawn of Mana. By experiencing those memories, players are tasked with finding a legendary sword long lost and returning the world to order. Additionally, the development team is Wright Flier Studios, known for their work on Another Eden.

Echoes of Mana is available on mobile devices.

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