Eastasiasoft Gives a Sneak Peek at Their Physical Release Lineup for PS4, Vita, and Switch

Eastasiasoft revealed their upcoming lineup of physical video game releases on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

Here’s the list of titles:

  • Dead Road to Canada (PS4/Switch) – Developed by Rocketcat Games, Dead Road to Canada allows players to explore post-apocalyptic towns to rescue people and animals.
  • Ghost Blade HD (Switch) – A bullet-hell shoot’em up with lots of bullets causing hell.
  • Reverie (Switch) – Developed by Rainbite, players get to experience an RPG with influences from Earthbound and other classic games in the genre.
  • Stay (PS Vita) – A puzzle adventure title with plenty of mysteries to keep players busy.
  • Rym 9000 (PS4) – A shoot’em up by Sonoshee with a handful of updates and improves.

Each of the titles will receive a physical release in Asia and will be available at Play-Asia, for those who wish to import. The publisher will also release the games digitally in Asia and Japan.

Recently, the company published Devious Dungeon physically and digitally in Asia.

You can check out the cover art of the titles below:


Author’s take: Eastasiasoft is publishing a lot of indies in Asia which ultimately allows these indie developers the chance to get their game to new markets. I like what they’re doing, but my wallet is hurting from all the importing!

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