Chaotic Wave Shooter ‘Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain’ Coming to PC on October 15

Publisher D3 Publisher and developer Yuke’s have announced that the insane wave shooter Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is coming to PC-via Steam on October 15. The game first launched worldwide for PlayStation 4 on April 11.

Set in the year 2040 in various locations, Iron Rain has players take on the role of Closer, an elite member of the Earth Defense Force, who must defend Earth from an insane alien invasion led by a mysterious faction known as the Aggressors. Unfortunately, in 2033, Closer fell victim to a coma and ended up waking up seven years later only to discover that Earth is in complete chaos thanks to the Aggressors. To save Earth from an unfortunate demise, it’s up to the player the rest of the Earth Defense Force squad to fight against the Aggressors to finally put a stop to them.

One of the key differences of Iron Rain compared to other EDF titles is its setting and also, its characters. In an interview with Nobuyuki Okajima, EDF Series Producer, he described this in more detail: “The location and the characters. Previous titles had you in Japan, mostly in Tokyo, and didn’t mention the nationalities of the characters. In Iron Rain, it’s different — the background is changed like you can be in San Francisco or LA or somewhere else in the United States, and also the character you have can be customized. Since there are so many different people here [in the United States], you can make a character that resembles how you look, if you’d like.”

If this is going to be your first-ever playthrough of Iron Rain, expect to find a ton of content, like more than 50 missions in five difficulties, tons of weapons, plenty of character customization options, along with various classes. Also just to let you know, the game is pretty hard to put down — trust me, it’s very addicting, especially when playing with friends (find out more details in our review). On that note, there are multiple options for multiplayer for Iron Rain as it offers up to four-player online co-op as well as offline couch co-op, supporting up to two players via split-screen.

Check out a slew of screenshots of the PC version below:

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