Early Access Survival Horror RPG ‘Chernobylite’ Gets New Story Trailer Ahead of its Full Release in July

All in! Games have uploaded a brand new story trailer for the current early access title, Chernobylite. This is a “science-fiction survival horror RPG” where players control a former employee of a Chernobyl Power Plant. On the search for their beloved Tatiana, players will have to make choices with long-lasting impact, experience a non-linear storyline, and face many heart-stopping fears from the upfront to the insidious.

Supporting companions and receiving support, in turn, is an imperative facet of the Chernobylite experience. Allies can be made in the Zone, but there is no such concept as wholehearted trustworthiness in an environment where everybody pursues their own desires and agenda. In addition to the obvious threats surrounding the dangerous Zone, supernatural entities may attack from unidentifiable locations as well.

Crafting standard utilities or going the extra mile and creating modded firepower and other tools is up to the player’s choice, and will determine the varied approaches one will enact when faced with danger. A special device is able to alter prior choices as well, though this affects the entirety of the gameplay experience in ways such as battling creatures from other worlds.

You can view the recent story trailer for Chernobylite below:

The title is currently available to play on Steam Early Access, though it is intended to be fully released in July of this year.

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