Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires Shares Gameplay Details on Bringing Musou Action to the Political System

Koei Tecmo shares new gameplay details for the Omega Force-developed strategy Musou Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via steam on February 15, 2022.

The publisher shares how the game blends action with strategy as players can utilize the Politics System to conquer the map. To strengthen the military through politics, players will be able to execute domestic affairs commands to procure the resources necessary for battles, such as gold, food, and troops. Players will also recruit and hire new officers by conducting political commands, stealing valuable officers like Zhang He from a rival kingdom.

A new system added is how only officers whom players assign to a certain town can participate in an invasion battle or a defensive battle at that town. Therefore, it will be more effective to recruit as many officers as possible to gain an advantage.

Players will need to earn the trust of these officers to propose secret plans during battle preparation. Using these plans will earn the trust of the officer to open up tactical advantages on the battlefield. Ally officers will also conduct commands. If players execute the same command of an officer, they can activate a coordination bonus. The higher the trust, the greater the effect, and special conversations can be started.

In addition, a new strategic element, ‘territory stroll,’ has been implemented, enabling players to explore China while at the same time deepening relationships with officers. By interacting with officers, players will earn their trust, seeing a different side of each character through interactions that include dining and fulfilling special requests. Players will also be able to recruit unaffiliated officers during strolls, and some special unaffiliated officers can be recruited only after the player has taken a stroll.

A new Photo Mode has also been added with a few different options for players to customize.

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