Dying Light: Hellraid DLC Revealed as Completely New Dark Fantasy Game Mode

Techland made a surprise reveal today by showing off some new DLC heading to Dying Light. The DLC titled Dying Light: Hellraid will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 23.

Dying Light: Hellraid is an entirely new game mode within Dying Light, but it’s also based on the developers’ currently on hold first-person dark fantasy slasher Hellraid. The DLC ties the Dying Light and Hellraid universe together, even though they are both set in a different reality. To make this happen, they simply put an arcade machine in the basement of the Tower, which is also a portal between worlds. Players can access the DLC content through the arcade machine.

Dying Light: Hellraid features new enemies to fight using a variety of new weapons and environmental traps. The DLC has its own progression system that allows players to gain ranks and unlock new weapons over time. Each run through the dungeon will reward players with coins to purchase more materials and the trials can be played with up to four-players online.

Dying Light released in 2015 and is a zombie-parkour game where players can explore an open world and take on missions as they manage their inventory and relationships.

You can watch the Dying Light: Hellraid trailer below:

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