Spicy Otome ‘Drug Prince and the Narcotic Princess’ Announced for Switch March 2023 Japan

Developer coly just announced that their mobile otome game Drug Prince and the Narcotic Princess will be released on Nintendo Switch this March 9. And despite its rather weird name, this is rated CERO C, or the equivalent of ages 15 and up, so I mean, I guess the writing team really had a day when they came up with that.

drug prince and the narcotic princess keyart2

Initially released for Android and iOS, it was possible to play the prologue for free, with each of the characters’ routes costing you a small fee. However, the Nintendo Switch version will include all of the main stories for ¥2980, with a newly added opening cinematic and cutscenes.

Furthermore, you can also obtain downloadable content, such as the Happiness Married Life Story, which will cost ¥1470 as a set of six stories, or individually for ¥490 each, which is a newlywed-themed story that was previously only available in the fan book. A set containing all the DLC and the base game can be purchased for ¥4,350.

The official website summates the story as follows:

There exists a profession known as a Narcotics Control Officer – or as it is more commonly known: matri. They are judicial police officers that work in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Narcotics Control Department. Their elite unit consists of only 300 officers nationwide across Japan, who are authorized to conduct undercover operations and use handguns. One day however, they obtain a new scout — you. The reason? Simple. A special constitution that makes you the main target of an organization whose objective is to use your DNA for nefarious needs. As you spend more time with your partner to uncover the truth behind yourself, you start to develop feelings for him…

Those who have a Japanese Nintendo Account may pre-order the title from Nintendo eShop. Now, as to when an official localization will arrive, the world may never know.

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