Team Ladybug-Developed Shmup ‘Dranius’ Now Available on PC via Steam; Launch Discount & Screenshots

During Day 2 of the Indie Live Expo event, publisher Playism revealed the new original shmup by developers Team Ladybug and WSS playground, Dranius.

In this title, Planet Halpax endures the reign of the Kharlal Empire. A slave suffering from “Planetary Compatibility Disorder” must be sent back to Earth to be cured, and his daughter, Irina, desperate to save her father, steals the Dranius. Additionally, a bizarre humanoid frog named Ghenie appears before Irina, claiming that they have time-traveled from 30 years in the future to rid the universe of the Kharlal Empire’s rule, which supposedly destroyed over 5,000 planets in that timeframe. Irina reluctantly teams up with the odd creature since she has no one else to rely on.

This side-scrolling shooter has players pilot a superb craft known as the “Dranius,” which boasts the ability to absorb enemy fire with the Reflector. This absorbed energy can further customize the Dranius with new powerful weapons. Counterattacks can also be launched with their strength dependent on enemy projectile absorption quantity.

Dranius is now available on PC via Steam with a 10% launch discount lasting until May 29, 2022.

You can view the officially provided screenshots of this title below:

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