Dungeon-Crawling RPG ‘DragonFang: Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon’ Gets Steam Release Date

Degica Games announced they will publish the Toydea-developed dungeon-crawling RPG DragonFang: Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon on PC-via Steam on February 3.

DragonFang: Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon is launching as a free-to-play Steam title. The game is a full PC remake of the original mobile title of the same name, complete with in-app purchases.

The story follows Drahn, a dragonian boy who travels with his fairy mentor through dangerous dungeons. Their goal revolves around figuring out what caused the disturbance in the draconic forces.

Gameplay features rogue-like RPG elements as players traverse randomly generated dungeons. Movement is turn-based as one action cause enemies in the dungeon to also make an action. This allows players to strategize during combat and make the best choices in any situation.

To assets Drahn, players can equip up to 3 monster fangs that allow him to utilize their strength. The game feature over 150 monster fangs to train and equip, each with different skills and abilities.

Dragonfang will launch with a new Steam event to receive in-game items through daily log-ins. This will run through March 1, with a Double bonus emerald campaign lasting until February 10.

You can check out screenshots from the Steam version of DragonFang: Drahn’s Mystery Dungeon below to get a better idea of the gameplay:

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