Dragon Star Varnir Gets Character and Nihon Falcom Collaboration Details

Idea Factory International provided new details for their JRPG Dragon Star Varnir, coming to PlayStation 4 on June 11 in North America and June 14 in Europe.

New character details introduce Zuba, Cosettia, Nyamo, and Gran”

  • Zuba – A witch who conducts research at the den. She is always searching for knowledge and will accept ingredients to synthesis into a reward.
  • Cosettia – The keeper of the Witch’s Workshop. She is a doll made of materials enchanted by Zuba. She does a good job and has knowledge of most elixirs.
  • Nyamo – Zuba’s pet that likes to talk back and be sassy. Acts as a second keeper.
  • Gran – Zephy’s friend in the Knights of Requiem. He has a strong sense of justice and he always takes care of those in trouble. He has mixed feeling upon finding out that Zephy is now the target of the witch hunt.

Additionally, the publisher detailed a collaboration with developer Nihon Falcom known for The Legend of Heroes and Ys series. The collaboration brings three dragons from across multiple titles to face off against in a special quest.

During gameplay, players will need to reach a certain point in the story in order to fight the dragons. Each dragon has a unique attack pattern that players will need to recognize in order to defeat it. If completed, the three Dragon Cores will be available along with their skill set.

Dragon Star Varnir stars the main protagonist Zephy who is accompanied by a group of witches who are cursed to give birth to dragons. Zephy is tasked with hunting these witches originally but soon finds his own fate intertwined with his former enemies. He must then join the group of dragons and fight alongside them in turn-based combat that moves between various layers of the battlefield. The fates of the dragons are in the player’s hands as they make choices on how to take care of them or sacrifice them for additional items and skills.

You can check out new screenshots below:

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