Dragon Star Varnir Details Characters and Elixirs in New Screenshots

Idea Factory International new details for their JRPG Dragon Star Varnir, coming to PlayStation 4 on June 11 in North America and June 14 in Europe.

The character details some pretty interesting characters who the party will encounter over the course of the game whether it be in a friendly or hostile arrangement.

Characters introduced:

  • Durandol – The leader of the Ravens and the killer of over ten thousand dragons. Considered to be a heroic dragon warrior, Durandol has no interest in killing witches and just find it fun to kill dragons. He is confident in his skills and will take on anyone in his way.
  • Jaiga – A warrior who hangs around Durandal. He is pretty sneaky and shouldn’t be trusted.
  • Darne – A traveling merchant and informant. He’ll trade information for items such as dragon claws or fangs as well as sells a variety of ingredients on the black market. He ends up working with both dragon warriors and witches but doesn’t tell anyone where the witches live.

Additional information includes Elixirs where players use items obtained in a battle to create an elixir that will summon a special dragon to use in battle. Also, Gifts will be available to give the party members in order to get closer to them and unlock a “Special Event”. There’s also an Inanity Level that shows how close the witches are to succumbing to madness. Throughout the game, players will impact this by their choices, which will impact the game’s ending.

Dragon Star Varnir stars the main protagonist Zephy who is accompanied by a group of witches who are cursed to give birth to dragons. Zephy is tasked with hunting these witches originally but soon finds his own fate intertwined with his former enemies. He must then join the group of dragons and fight alongside them in turn-based combat that moves between various layers of the battlefield. The fates of the dragons are in the player’s hands as they make choices on how to take care of them or sacrifice them for additional items and skills.

You can check out the screenshots below:

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