Dragon Quest Your Story Now Streaming on Netflix in the West

Square Enix announced that the CG-animated movie Dragon Quest Your Story is streaming on Netflix in the west.

Originally released in Japan in 2019, western Netflix subscribers can now view the film that has been Adapted from the storyline of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

Dragon Quest Your Story follows Luca as he sets out in his father’s footsteps to rescue his mother from the clutches of evil known as Ladja, a high-ranking member of an organization known as The Order of Zugzwang. Luca utilizes the power of magic as he faces off against hordes of monsters and anything that stands in his search for the Zenithian sword and the Legendary Hero, which is his only hope for success.

Dragon Quest Your Story is one hour and 42 minutes long. The film has been supervised by the series creator Yuki Horii and produced by Toho Studios.

Luckily, fans of fantasy CG movies won’t have to know too much about the RPG series to watch this film as it is a standalone adventure. While the film follows moments of the game’s story it also takes its own liberties with new scenes.

So what are you still doing reading this? Go boot up Netflix.

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