Dragon Quest X Reveals 10th Anniversary Illustrations

Dragon Quest X Reveals 10th Anniversary Illustrations

Square Enix has shared new artwork commemorating the soon-to-be 10th anniversary of their Japan-exclusive MMORPG Dragon Quest X. More specifically, August 2, 2022, will mark the game’s 10th anniversary, but these illustrations and posts are hyping up events set to occur within the game.

You can view both Dragon Quest X 10th anniversary illustrations below:

You can view more information about the anniversary via the official website. The title is receiving an offline version with no Western release planned.

Dragon Quest Treasures was recently revealed to be releasing for Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.

This is a brand new title in the Dragon Quest franchise while keeping the familiar look of the series. The announcement trailer showed Eric using monsters to explore the world and solve puzzles to open treasures. This newest trailer finally showcased new gameplay, with treasure discovery and clever monster utilization to reach new areas are some of the primary mechanics here. Treasures each have their own value, all upping the value of the protagonists’ base.

You can view our prior coverage for screenshots.

Dragon Quest Builders was recently released on mobile devices.

Dragon Quest Builders was first released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in 2016. The game received some high praise from fans taking the Minecraft influence, but providing a well-crafted Dragon Quest adventure. Given that this is the first entry, many of the extra features aren’t here such as flying, but this game is a perfect introduction to the unique blend of crafting and RPG.

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