Dragon Quest Treasures Introduces Treasure Maps & Treasure Dungeons; New Screenshots

Dragon Quest Treasures Introduces Treasure Maps & Treasure Dungeons; New Screenshots

Square Enix has shared new gameplay information for their upcoming action-adventure spinoff of the Dragon Quest franchise, Dragon Quest Treasures.

Throughout the title, players will find treasure maps which lead to treasure dungeons containing numerous rewards such as medals. These maps are occasionally dropped by defeated foes and sometimes found via monster parties sent out on missions. The treasure dungeons’ locations are stated on the map, and players will need to locate the swirling portals housing them.

Within the treasure dungeons, the layouts of monsters and items change across each visit. They comprise a series of rooms requiring the elimination of foes in the vicinity. Further, intriguing stone pillars can be examined in some rooms, and they affect the party in various ways. The final levels of each dungeon have particularly powerful enemies, but their defeat grants noteworthy rewards. Additionally, clearing treasure dungeons quickly will impart rare medals.

At a certain point in the story, Erik and Mia will obtain a unique treasure map leading to a treasure dungeon with a “very special space” in its final level housing the giant boss monster, Hornbull, Sentinel of the Sands. A special move or environmental utilization must take down this foe.

Lastly, you can view new Dragon Quest Treasures screenshots correlating to the previously stated information below:

 Dragon Quest Treasures is releasing for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 9, 2022.

Dragon Quest Treasures follows Erik and Mia, both prominent characters from Dragon Quest XI, with Erik even having been a party member. However, in this title, these siblings are taken away from the Viking ship they normally reside in to a new world called Draconia, housing a myriad of treasures, including the Seven Dragonstones. Conveniently, Erik and Mia can communicate with the monsters here, allowing for integral cooperation regarding treasure hunting.

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