Dragon Quest Treasures Reveals New English Screenshots; Base Building, Facilities & The Snarl Introduced

Square Enix has shared a brand new batch of English screenshots for their upcoming action-adventure spinoff, Dragon Quest Treasures. Several interactions, environments, and mechanics are showcased.

Additionally, new gameplay information was shared. An island formerly home to the HQ of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company is helmed by employee Mr. Houston. He lets Mia’s and Erik’s use the island as the base for their adventurous exploits if they aid in re-establishing the railways. They use their Dragon Daggers to fix the previously broken train at the station and gradually expand the station by building various facilities. Further, performing favors for specific monsters will let the creatures set up shop on the island.

Six facilities have been highlighted and are discussed below:

Treasure Vault

The treasure that Erik and Mia collect is stored here with plinths displaying them. More plinths are earned as their gang’s rank rises. In addition, gang members not in the active party will sometimes polish accumulated treasure, increasing their value.

Worker Dormitory

Railway employee Mr. Muddimer will let players rearrange their active party and help let go of monsters no longer of practical use or if the dorm’s housing is at maximum capacity. Further, when the party’s gang rank is high enough, Mia and Erik will be able to send monsters on dispatch missions throughout Draconia for treasure and crafting materials.

Personnel Department

The railway company’s personnel department head, Miss Cecily, helps monsters yearning to join the main cast’s gang and informs the player of new recruits. Further, once the gang’s rank reaches a specific threshold, she can aid in constructing new facilities such as a pellet workshop, cafeteria, and shop while also providing recommendations for which monsters are best suited to work where.

Item Shop

Merchant Bricky Rix will sell a variety of goods, such as food recipes, pellet formulae, and crafting materials for the aforementioned plans.


Madame Blancmange is Draconia’s premiere chef and cooks meals to empower monsters in several ways, such as increasing stats and resistances. Unspecified rare delicacies can also be cooked, though their creations require recipes.

Pellet Workshop

The mechanic Axel creates catapult pellets for Erik and Mia, which cause physical or elemental damage. Additionally, some special projectiles can be made, provided that the respective formula is on-hand.

Lastly, The Snarl is introduced as a maze-like dungeon existing beneath Erik’s and Mia’s base. Its layout, enemies, and rewards change each time someone enters its depths.

You can view these newly unveiled screenshots below:

 Dragon Quest Treasures is releasing for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 9, 2022.

Dragon Quest Treasures follows Erik and Mia, both prominent characters from Dragon Quest XI, with Erik even having been a party member. However, in this title, these siblings are taken away from the Viking ship they normally reside in to a new world called Draconia, housing a myriad of treasures, including the Seven Dragonstones. Conveniently, Erik and Mia can communicate with the monsters here, allowing for integral cooperation regarding treasure hunting.

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