Dragon Quest Treasures Introduces 5 Explorable Islands; Climates, Monsters, Screenshots & More

Square Enix has shared new information pertaining to their upcoming action-adventure title, Dragon Quest Treasures, comprising the setting.

The six floating islands of Draconia once formed the bodies of two Golden Dragons. As time passed, their bodies eroded, eventually causing these islands to form. Besides the central hub island, Erik and Mia can explore the remaining five. They’ll encounter unique environments, monsters, and treasures on their journey.

Each island hosts train stations that act as fast travel points to Erik’s and Mia’s bases once repaired. These areas also house shops stocked with a plethora of valuable items, such as consumables, recipes, and crafting materials. Regarding exploration, the five islands have several secret areas requiring intricate examination. For instance, some obfuscated caves with treasure chests have hidden openings where one can crouch to enter.

Further, players may encounter metallic monsters on their travels. These rare foes iconic of the Dragon Quest franchise can be slain for numerous experience points or even recruited if one is lucky enough for such an occurrence.

Another rare type of foe players can encounter is Bejewelled Monsters. They can be defeated for noteworthy treasure and can also be recruited. However, their agility is nothing to scoff at, as the prospect of even catching up to them is a challenge in it itself. Amber Drackies, Tanzaknights, and Jade Slimes are the names of some of these Bejewelled creatures.

A sidequest players can partake in throughout all five islands is a Balloon Popping task initiated by Shambles and Shady of the Thunderous Plunderers’ gang. If one can burst every balloon, an unspecified reward is in store.

The five explorable islands are listed and introduced below, alongside the types of monsters one can expect to encounter:

  • The Paternoggin – Where Erik and Mia start their journey. The upper parts of the map have a long-neglected factory and plains, with the Sylphanians having set up camp in the vicinity, near the Teardrop Falls. On the other hand, the lower segments of the map comprise forests and caves teeming with monsters. Thankfully, there’s a cable car that allows for easy travel between the upper and lower areas.
    • Slime
    • Sham Hamwitch
  • The Maneland – This desert locale thrives from incessant sandstorms. Alongside the treacherous sand rivers accompanied by countless dunes, there is only sand and rock for as far as the eye can see. A tool called the Gilde Forte is sure to be useful here, assumedly for traversing sizeable gaps without trekking the coarse land on foot.
    • Dune Stalker
    • Greasy Palm
  • Cinderback Ridge – Situated in West Draconia, this volcanic island is dominated by lava, molten rock, and cliffs. The island’s central region hosts mighty monsters and standout red cacti. The Launch Forte and Glide Forte tools are advised for use here to jump over and glide past lava, respectively.
    • Magmantes
  • The Wingswept Moors – This island boasts ever-expansive plains, marshes, and poisonous swamps. The Sprint Forte tool will allow for swift travel throughout the former-most. Moreover, the island’s northern outskirts contain Mount Greywing, a lofty cool locale heavily contrasting the warmer weather of the plains below.
    • Orc Queen
  • The Hinterquarters – Unrelenting in its onslaught of ice, snow, and blizzards, the frozen Lake Swishmelt covers the southern part of the island. Living here is quite challenging due to the harsh climate, though hidden deep crevasses provide much-needed shelter. Monster Fortes make exploration on this landmass far more bearable, causing icebergs to become mere stepping stones.
    • Icy Dragling
    • Ice Golem

You can view newly unveiled screenshots correlating to this article’s previously stated information via our gallery below:

 Dragon Quest Treasures is releasing for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 9, 2022.

Dragon Quest Treasures follows Erik and Mia, both prominent characters from Dragon Quest XI, with Erik even having been a party member. However, in this title, these siblings are taken away from the Viking ship they normally reside in to a new world called Draconia, housing a myriad of treasures, including the Seven Dragonstones. Conveniently, Erik and Mia can communicate with the monsters here, allowing for integral cooperation regarding treasure hunting.

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