Dragon Quest Treasures Details Gameplay Loop & Treasure Classifications; Pre-Orders Revealed + Bonuses, New Screenshots

Dragon Quest Treasures Details Gameplay Loop & Treasure Classifications; Pre-Orders Revealed + Bonuses, New Screenshots

Square Enix has shared more details regarding the upcoming adventure title, Dragon Quest Treasures.

This game’s setting, Draconia, is comprised of the bodies of two ancient golden dragons who make up many floating islands. Prized collectibles, the seven legendary Dragonstones, are placed throughout these locations and are highly desired by treasure hunters. These stones are all shaped like part of a dragon’s body.

However, aside from the Dragonstones are other valuables dubbed as “treasures,” “bric-a-brac,” or “iconic,” depending on their level of rarity. These treasures can be defined as one of several categories, including items, armor, and weapons.

Next, the generalized gameplay loop is provided. Firstly, players must choose an island to explore, with Purrsula and Porcus helpfully informing you of what types of treasures can be found at your selected locale. Additionally, the Golden Ratio is also stated, which clarifies how straightforward it’ll be to find treasure, with higher percentages equating to greater ease.

Secondly, when exploring the island, monsters will inform the player of whether valuables are nearby, with there being many different spots to salvage items from. Silver treasure chests depict bric-a-bracs, and golden treasure chests depict “treasure.” Monsters will carry found treasure, though there is a maximum capacity dependent on which monster is doing the heavy lifting.

Rare treasure finding via Treasure Vision and item appraisal are the third and fourth steps, respectively, though those facets have been previously detailed. A treasure’s condition can be “mint,” “fine,” or “fair,” ultimately determining its value.

You can view newly provided screenshots via our gallery below:

Additionally, pre-orders for the game are now available via the Square Enix store. Pre-order bonuses include the following:

  • Chimaera Wing (x5) – Returns players to base immediately without losing any treasure
  • Better Buddy Bullet (x15) – Increases the likelihood of a monster wanting to join the player’s gang
  • Fullheal Pellet (x5) – Fully restores the HP of a single ally

Dragon Quest Treasures follows Erik and Mia, both prominent characters from Dragon Quest XI, with Erik even having been a party member. However, in this title, these siblings are taken away from the Viking ship they normally reside in to a new world called Draconia, housing a myriad of treasures, including the Seven Dragonstones. Conveniently, Erik and Mia can communicate with the monsters here, allowing for integral cooperation regarding treasure hunting.

 Dragon Quest Treasures is releasing for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 9, 2022.

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