Dragon Quest Treasures Reveals New English Screenshots; English Voice Cast Revealed

Square Enix has shared new English screenshots of their upcoming action-adventure title, Dragon Quest Treasures. Additionally, a new blog post details the game’s premise and cast, though Square Enix Japan previously revealed this information. Regardless, we’ve provided a summation, viewable below.

On the Viking longship Erik and Mia reside in, they encounter mysterious creatures known as Porcus and Purrsula, who guide the siblings to a ruin containing the Dragon Daggers. Afterward, they’re whisked away from their home world and find themselves in a new realm known as Draconia. This unique setting ends up being the perfect place for the siblings’ treasure-hunting dreams to be fulfilled.

Throughout their quest to find the seven mythical Dragonstones, the daggers Erik and Mia found will allow them to cooperate with monsters. Each monster has its own host of skills, and Draconia has a myriad of islands to explore, each with its own creatures to encounter.

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The Fortune-Finder is a mechanic that allows players to find hidden treasure. Alongside acting as a compass, Treasure Visions can occur during this process, letting Erik and Mia utilize their companion monsters’ sight to understand the treasure’s location better. Moreover, rival gangs will occasionally arrive to steal valuables, and they can be fought against. Lastly, both Erik and Mia are playable, though their gameplay developments are shared, so who to use solely depends on characterization preference.

The English voice cast is as follows:

  • Erik – Mack Keith Roach
  • Erik’s Sidekick, Purrsula – Laura Aikman
  • Mia – Freya Skye
  • Mia’s Sidekick, Porcus – Adam Diggle

Erik and Mia’s voice actors are different from Dragon Quest XI, assuredly because of the characters’ younger ages in this entry.

You can view the newly unveiled English screenshots for Dragon Quest Treasures below:

UPDATE 8/8/2022: Square Enix has revealed the game’s box art, viewable below:


Dragon Quest Treasures follows Erik and Mia, both prominent characters from Dragon Quest XI, with Erik even having been a party member. However, in this title, these siblings are taken away from the Viking ship they normally reside in to a new world called Draconia, housing a myriad of treasures, including the Seven Dragonstones. Conveniently, Erik and Mia can communicate with the monsters here, allowing for integral cooperation regarding treasure hunting.

 Dragon Quest Treasures is releasing for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 9, 2022.

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