Dragon Quest Tact Celebrates Six-Month Anniversary With Several New Events, Bonuses, and Rewards

Square Enix has revealed a variety of new content players can enjoy during the celebration of Dragon Quest Tact’s Six-Month Anniversary. These events and other bonuses will be available from now until August 16, 2021, at 04:59 Japan Time. (12:59 PM PT/ 3:59 PM ET)

The S-Rank Estark and A-Rank Black Dragon monsters can potentially be recruited via a limited-time Scout banner. During the duration of the celebration, players will obtain 10 Scout tickets from logging in per day, allowing for a total of 100 summons if logins are performed every day.

Special quests and missions during this celebratory period can grant up to 4,000 gems as well. Additionally, prior S-Rank equipment that was limited can be obtainable alongside the Underworld Sabre weapon.

Lastly, quest rewards have increased significantly. You can view the specificities of the bonuses below:

  • 2x drop rate for “rank up materials” once completing each rank up quest
  • 1.5x drop rate for “ability upgrade tome” once completing each ability upgrade quest
  • 1.5x EXP earned through the Daily EXP Quest
  • 1.5x Gold through the Daily Gold Quest

Dragon Quest Tact allows players to befriend, team up, and lead a group of monsters through numerous encounters. Throughout this adventure, players can assemble a roster of monsters from across the Dragon Quest series to take into battle. Through fights, monsters will level up, but players can also equip and customize them as well.

Battles in the game feature a layer of strategy as players move monsters on the field to get an advantage over the opponent. Furthermore, monsters have special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that need to be taken into consideration. Finally, monster collecting is kept separate from the game’s gacha systems as players are free to grow their monsters.

Dragon Quest Tact is directed by Yuji Horii and features music from composer Koichi Sugiyama and monster designs from Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

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Dragon Quest Tact is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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