Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Introduces Psaro’s Parents, Dragon Quest IV Connectivity & English Voice Cast

Square Enix has unveiled new story and character details for their upcoming turn-based JRPG Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. Firstly, the human mother of the protagonist, Psaro, is introduced, Miriam.

She has grown ill, concerningly so, causing Psaro to seek out his father, Randolfo the Tyrant, the Master of Monsterkind, so that he can cure her. Alas, the father rejects Psaro’s plea outright and, perhaps to punish him for his audacity, curses him with the inability to harm those possessing monster blood. This initiates a quest for vengeance, where Psaro intends to rule over Nadiria as the demi-human prince.

Aside from the hub area of Rosehill, where Psaro and his allies will converse with the monsters and dwarves who reside there, there are several shops, a church, the Altar of Amalgamation, and a paddock for monsterkind to relax.

Further, this title boasts a significant connection to Dragon Quest IV, which is evident by Psaro being the main character. The Heroes of Dragon Quest IV will appear, and areas from that game will be present, such as the monster stronghold Diabolic Hall and the Zenith Dragon’s locale of observation, Zenithia.

You can view new character profiles for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince below, alongside most of their respective English voice actors:

  • Randolfo the Tyrant, The Uncompromising Ruler of All Nadiria: Psaro’s imposing father, his archnemesis, and the Master of Monsterkind. He has governed the chaos of Nadiria for many years with an iron fist. English voice actor is Vincent Riotta.
  • Dolph the Destroyer, Nadiria’s Most Vicious General: Randolfo the Tyrant’s eldest son, rumoured to be the most powerful fighter in all of Nadiria. Possessed of unmatched strength, he is widely believed to be his father’s chosen successor to the Nadirian throne. English voice actor is Joseph Capp.
  • The Zenith Dragon, The All-Seeing Dragon God: The Dragon God who watches all-knowingly over the world’s affairs from Zenithia, a castle in the clouds. English voice actor is Andrew James Spooner.
  • Healie, A Boy in Search of an Old Friend: A naïve young boy who travels the world in search of a long-lost companion. He didn’t always look like this, though… English voice actor is Harriet Carmichael.
  • Ludo, An Elusive and Enigmatic Youth: A mysterious young man with a penchant for peculiar poetry. He has a habit of appearing in unexpected places and seems to know Psaro all too well… English voice actor is Jack Ayres.
  • Percival, Army Captain Devoted to His King: An army captain who is fiercely loyal to his liege lord and will carry out even the most barbaric orders without a second thought. English voice actor is Carl Prekopp.
  • General Chayne, Trusted Keeper of Diabolic Hall: Keeper of the fortress known as Diabolic Hall. This hardened warrior seeks to use his immense power to stop Psaro from achieving his ambition. English voice actor is Mark Noble.
  • Miriam, Psaro’s Sick Mother: Psaro’s human mother. She lives in the human world of and has come down with a mysterious illness. English voice actor is Lucy Montgomery.
  • The Chosen Heroes of DQIV: In DQIV, the Chosen Heroes set out to stop Psaro and end his cruel ambitions in order to save the world. It would seem their actions will influence this story too, and judging from their grim expressions, the threat they face is surely a dire one…

You can view new screenshots for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince via our gallery below:

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince will launch for Nintendo Switch on December 1, 2023. A free demo is now available via the Switch eShop.

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In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, the demi-human protagonist, Psaro, was cursed by the ruler of the monster realm of Nadiria, also known as his father, making the youth incapable of harming any being with monster blood coursing through their veins.

To defy his fate, Psaro becomes a monster wrangler, amassing a sizeable monster following during his quest for vengeance. Additionally, he’ll make new allies, including the elf Rose and the enigmatic Toilen Trubble.

Combat will consist of eight party members, with four being active and another four being in reserves. Further, you can manually control your monsters’ actions every turn or set predetermined tactics to let the AI decide, like ‘Show No Mercy’ or ‘Focus on Healing.’

In battle, monsters can enter a frenzied state born from desperation in dire scenarios, enabling greater damage output and additional chances to perform an action. Players can also look forward to monster fusion and several season-based environments to traverse, each with their own creatures.

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