Dragon Quest Battle Royale ‘Dragon Quest Champions’ Releasing in Japan Next Week

Square Enix has announced that their Dragon Quest series battle royale, Dragon Quest Champions, will launch for mobile devices via iOS and Android on June 13, 2023. Additionally, pre-registration is available via the Apple and Google Play stores.

There is currently no word on whether this game will greet Western audiences. But if you’re curious about how it plays, check out our preview of the Japanese closed beta test.

The official website describes the title as an “unprecedented Dragon Quest experience, where players can experience it solo or with friends.”

The story is summated as follows:

A long, long time ago, the plans for the Demon King to conquer the world were thwarted by the hero and his two companions. Centuries pass, and in a world where peace still reigns, people are excited for the Combat Tournaments that heroes of long ago bequeathed.

A young man from a remote village sets out on a journey to participate in the tournament. “In order to become a true hero, you must brave the Hero Tournaments. And you must accomplish this by your own hands.” With the words of his father behind him, our protagonist goes on to fullfill his promise. A new legend shall be born!

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Furthermore, the title also features a tournament mode in which up to 50 players compete against each other in real time, where the last player standing is victorious. Accumulating wins will increase your rank from Bronze III all the way to Gold I, and you can also team up with other players in a party.

Scattered across the stage are various Stat Spheres, which will increase your character’s Attack and Defense, as well as treasure chests containing healing items. After some time has elapsed, a vortex will start closing in on the map, shrinking the play area.

In addition to that, there is also a story mode and various quests to play if you’d rather fly solo, featuring a completely original story with unique characters.

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