Dragon Marked For Death Details World and Characters in New Story Trailer

Inti Creates launched a new trailer for the cooperative action game Dragon Marked For Death, coming to Nintendo Switch on January 31.

Dragon Marked For Death tells the story of the Dragonblood Clan, a group of people who possess the powers of the astro dragon. However, the divine family cast them out with the blessing of a great deity. Four members of the Dragonblood Clan will take revenge against the kingdom, the Empress, the Warrior, the Shinobi, and the Witch. Each character has different playstyle and skillset that players can use in and out of battle.

While exploring dungeons players will be able to control one of the characters with up to three other players in local or online co-op. While working together players can use their unique characters to access different routes of a map or assist with taking down a large boss.

The trailer details each character’s playstyle and the game’s premise. Additionally, players get a chance to check out more gameplay from the upcoming 2D side-scroller.

Recently, the game revealed a physical release announcement and detailed how players can purchase all four character.

You can check out the new trailer below:


Author’s take: This game looks amazing. I really hope that the world is fleshed out and each character’s story is different enough to warrant playing through the game four times.

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