Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Enters Alpha Milestone; Explorable Minrathous Confirmed

EA General Manager Gary McKay has published a new blog post detailing new developments regarding the next Dragon Age title, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Following the game entering its production phase in February, it has now entered its Alpha milestone. This means that, while not polished, the entire game can be fully completed from beginning to end.

Visual fidelity and iterating on gameplay features will be worked on next, with the team also having received extensive feedback from various reliable sources, including their Community Council, quality verification team, and playtesters.

The story will be a primary focus now as well, with the following passage being especially noteworthy:

“…we can now evaluate the game’s pacing, how relationships evolve over time, and the player’s progression, as well as narrative cohesion—essentially how the story comes together. We can take the story we’ve written and see if we’re expressing it well through the characters, dialogue, cinematics, and ultimately, the player’s journey. Now that we have the ability to do a complete playthrough, we can iterate and polish on the things that matter most to our fans.”

Players can look forward to exploring Minrathous, the capital of the Tevinter Empire, which was discussed in previous games. It’s a notable locale fueled by magic, and its visual identity is stated to be especially spectacular.

Lastly, fans can look forward to further transparency and updates on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in the future. You can view the full blog post via EA’s official website.

View the game’s previous update from June 2022.

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