Dragalia Lost x Fire Emblem Heroes Collaboration Event Receives Trailer

Cygames’ and Nintendo’s mobile title ‘Dragalia Lost’ has turned up the heat with a new trailer for the upcoming Lost Heroes event. This trailer shows off the characters that Cygames will be adding, from Nintendo’s other major mobile IP ‘Fire Emblem Heroes‘.

Starting from April 25 Pacific Time, players will be able to login to Dragalia to receive a 5-Star Alfonse, the prince of Askr and lead of Fire Emblem Heroes. Other recruitable heroes in the event will include Marth from the first and third Fire Emblem games, Fjorm from season 2 of Fire Emblem Heroes, and recurring Heroes antagonist and princess of Embla, Veronica.

You can watch the trailer below.

The event begins after some maintenance which will be used to implement a variety of new features to the game including reduced summoning costs and defensive co-op battles.

Every other event has added a dragon and Fire Emblem is certainly no stranger to them, but there’s none within this cast. Maybe they’ll surprise us, or this event will be the odd one out. Either way, tomorrow will tell.

Dragalia Lost is available in English and Japanese on Android and iOS devices. The event will run until the 14th of May, Pacific Time.

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