Dragalia Lost Shows Mega Man: Chaos Protocol Event Gameplay in New Trailer

Nintendo released new a new trailer for the Mega Man: Chaos Protocol coming to the Cygames-developed adventure RPG, Dragalia Lost, available now on iOS and Android devices.

Beginning on November 28 through Dember 15, players will be able to enlist Mega Man into their party as a playable character. During the story campaign, Dr. Wily has traveled through time with the intention of world domination. However, it just so happens that Alberia and the Blue Bomber aren’t going to allow that to happen so easily. The two heroes will need to join forces and fight against what Dr. Wily throws at them in this crazy mobile collaboration. The developer has shared more information about the event via the official blog.

To get a better idea of the gameplay, the publisher released a new trailer that shows Mega Man in action. This also gives players a preview of the collaboration campaign along with Mega Man’s attacks.

Dragalia Lost launched in 2018. The game is set in the world of Alberia, where high noble individuals have the ability to transform into dragons. However, one day, the Holy Shard, meant to protect the realm loses power and it’s up to the Seventh Prince to journey out to take on his Dragon Selection Trail and save his home.

You can watch the trailer below:



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