Dragalia Lost Crescendo of Courage Event has Cleo Saying, “Yes, Even I Own a Swimsuit”

Nintendo released a new trailer for the Cygames developed adventure RPG, Dragalia Lost, available now on iOS and Android devices.

The event continues the Summon Showcase event that begins on August 12 through August 22. The event cools things down a bit for players by allowing them to acquire three characters, Cleo, Verica, and Siren, in their new swimsuit outfits. Each character also has additional skills and abilities that make them a perfect addition to a player’s summer party. I mean, you also get to see the characters’ in their swimsuits.

The new trailer provides an overview of each of the characters and their 5-star versions. The trailer also gives players a preview of their new abilities, both support and attack versions. The character’s voice-over has also been localized into English which has Cleo saying, “Yes, Even I own a Swimsuit.”

Dragalia Lost launched in 2018. The game is set in the world of Alberia, where high noble individuals have the ability to transform into dragons. However, one day, the Holy Shard, meant to protect the realm loses power and it’s up to the Seventh Prince to journey out to take on his Dragon Selection Trail and save his home.

You can watch the trailer to the character’s new costumes and skills below:

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