Doujin RPG ‘Ruins Seeker’ Gets PC Release Date in the West With New Trailer

Kagura Games announced that the Nopuryu No Sato-developed doujin RPG Ruins Seeker will release on PC-via Steam in the west on May 29.

Ruins Seeker tells the story of Quem, an adventurer who is the first person in 500 years to step foot in the dungeon known as “Heaven’s Ladder.” Upon entering, she is cursed by a strange shadowy monster who utters, “Come deep――into――this place――I shall await you at――the highest spot.”

In order for Quem to break the curse, she needs to team up with another adventure named Vise to explore the dungeon and uncover the meaning behind the strange world.

The gameplay features action RPG mechanics where players will explore a dungeon and attack various enemies. During encounters, players can switch between melee and ranged weapons depending on the situation. Aside from the main campaign, players can also accept subquests where they can earn rewards by hunting monsters. Additionally, the game features a weapon enhancing system and the option to replay cleared dungeons.

Knowing the publisher’s previous catalog of titles, it’s possible the adult version of Ruins Seeker will be available on other online storefronts.

The publisher also released a new trailer showing the characters and gameplay from the title. Also, viewers get the chance to preview the premise of the story.

You can watch the trailer below:

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