Doujin RPG ‘Princesses Never Lose!’ Gets PC Release Date in the West

Kagura Games announced that the Avantgarde-developed adventure RPG Princesses Never Lose! will release on PC-via Steam on March 19.

Princesses Never Lose is set on the western part of the Stivale Peninsula in the small kingdom of Tolinia. The princes of the Kingdom, Erica, senses danger as the influence of a modernized country spread over her land. In fear of her people losing their independence, Erica fights for their dignity any way that she can.

Princesses Never Lose is an RPG with 16-bit visuals where players will be able to explore towns and dungeons as Erica. The characters are voiced during dialogue scenes and players can change their job classes to add a variety to the battle system. Also, the game features a synthesis system and there is a New Game+ feature for those who wish to continue the adventure after the conclusion. Throughout the game, characters learn new abilities and players can take on sidequests to learn more about the state of the world.

Given that this is a game published by Kagura Games, you can probably find the adult version on other sites.

We’ll be sure to let you know of future Kagura Games published titles as they are announced.

You can check out some screenshots below:

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