Doujin RPG ‘Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy’ Coming West to PC Later This Week

Kagura Games announced that the dieselmine-developed doujin RPG Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy will launch on PC-via Steam on October 15. Yes, later this week.

Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy is sen in a magical world with both magic and alchemy are commonplace. This world is home to our main protagonist Mira, who is currently an apprentice alchemist. One day, while practicing at her alchemy university, you don’t need to know the university’s name, and I doubt you care, she makes a grave mistake while attempting to create a potion.

As the smoke settles and Mira finds her bearings, everything around her seems to be in order, but she feels strange. Around this time, she grows a tail, which turns into a catgirl adventure where all your dreams can come true. However, Mira doesn’t want to become a full cat and sets out to create an antidote to change her back.

The game features RPG mechanics as players explore dungeons in search of ingredients. There are some classic RPG battle systems at play here with an added item crafting feature.

Players who wish to play the unrated version can do so at the publisher’s website.

You can check out some screenshots below:

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