Doujin RPG ‘Holy Knight Cynthia’ Releasing This Month in the West

Shiravune announced they will publish the Acerola-developed JRPG, Holy Knight Cynthia, on PC via Steam and Johren on December 26, 2022.

Holy Knight Cynthia tells the story of Cynthia, who grew up admiring her father. Times are good after the Demon King was defeated, but his creature followers still roam around. A group of knights was formed to take down these monsters, and Cynthia enlists to lend her assistance.

On a mission, she finds herself venturing into the forest to bring back a branch from the Sacred Tree. This is meant to be a test to become a knight, which she’s confident in since she’s played in this forest many times as a child. However, she comes across a cave that she’s never seen before, and a girl appears before her, claiming to be a Mana Spirit. The stranger informs her that she has summoned Cynthia there to warn her of recent enemy gatherings and asks for her help. Apparently, Cynthia’s altruism is just what the world needs.

The gameplay features turn-based combat and classic JRPG exploration.

It should be noted that the Steam release is the all-ages version of Holy Knight Cynthia. The Johren release will feature adult content.

We’ll keep you updated on future announcements from this publisher.

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