Doujin RPG ‘Dark Hero Party’ Gets PC Release Date in the West

Kagura Games announced that the U-ROOM-developed doujin RPG, Dark Hero Party, will launch on PC-via Steam on April 9 in the west.

Dark Hero Party tells the story of a world threatened by monsters sent by the Demon Lord. The only countermeasure against these monsters is Dragons, which are deities who reside in another dimension. These Dragons give their powers to champions in the human world, which makes them Dracolvalis.

In an unremarkable village, Imos and sister Tori run a potion shop. While not attending the shop, they spend time with their friend Lotia, a Dracovalis, Krimina, and Aina. However, life changes for the group when the Dracobalis are summed to hunt down the Demon Lord.

Dark Hero Party features classic RPG systems told across a dramatic narrative. Players will find a turn-based battle system that utilizes attack combos for quicker battles. There’s also a hard more for added difficulty as well as multiple endings.

There’s also an adult version of the game available, but Kagura will mostly likely host that on another online storefront. This version of the game puts Imos in some pretty hopeless situations as he tries to help his friends.

You can check out screenshots for Dark Hero Party below to get a preview of the gameplay:

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