Arc System Works Confirms The Double Dragon Collection Will Be Available Physically Online and Major Retailers in the West

The Double Dragon Collection announcement has been met with high praise from beat ’em up fans everywhere. However, the messaging on the release was vague about the physical version in the West. While import online stores are hosting pre-orders, we haven’t seen any versions of this physical package listed on websites such as Gamestop or Amazon.

We reached out to the publisher, and they’ve confirmed that the collection will be available in North America. Fans should expect to see the Double Dragon Collection listed online and through major retailers as we get closer to its early 2024 release on Nintendo Switch.

This collection includes:

  • Double Dragon Advance
  • Super Double Dragon
  • Double Dragon
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge
  • Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
  • Double Dragon IV

The two biggest releases in the collection, Double Dragon Advance and Super Double Dragon will be released on November 9, 2023, digitally.

These two titles were released 20 years ago on the Game Boy Advance and are now making their way to modern consoles. Double Dragon Advance is a remake of the 0f the 1987 arcade game Double Dragon that incorporates elements from its sequels and home versions. Players take the roles of protagonists Billy Lee and his brother Jimmy as they must master their martial arts skills in the fight against the Black Shadow Warriors to save BIlly’s girlfriend and martial arts student, Marian.

Super Double Dragon was initially launched on the Super Nintendo. Billy Lee and Jimmy embark on a new journey through city streets, dense jungles, and ancient temples. Their mission? To rescue Marian, now a courageous policewoman, who has been abducted while delving into the activities of the criminal organization, the Black Shadow Warriors.

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