Doomsday Vault Reveals Switch and PC Release Date in New Gameplay Trailer

Flightless announced that their adventure game Doomsday Vault will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam on August 5, 2021.

Doomsday Vault has players work to rescue Earth’s precious plant life in preparation for a natural disaster. Wearing a robotic suit, players will navigate a flooded city, break into an underground lair, and explore ancient pyramids to collect seeds and return them to their Vault. Seeds can be grown and utilized during gameplay, and players can unlock additional took and items to customize their suit.

Exploration allows players to blow up walls, launch themselves across levels, and perform various maneuvers to get through the levels. After players rescue the plant life, they can be nurtured and grown as crops. Suit customization allows players to personalize their character and gain access to new weapons for fieldwork and exploration. Gameplay consists of light puzzle-solving as you work through stages, but the difficulty is suited for all ages.

The developer released a new gameplay trailer showing off the stages and suits.

You can check out the gameplay below:

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