Monster Dating Sim ‘Doomsday Paradise’ Gets November Release Date

Lemonade Flashbang announced their monster dating sim Doomsday Paradise will launch on PC via Steam on November 8, 2023, for $15.

“Doomsday Paradise is the best multiplayer roguelike dating sim featuring a crab man on the market. ​ Please don’t fact-check that,” said Shadi Taha of Lemonade Flashbang. ​ “I think we’ve created something really special. ​ I’m looking forward to finally getting this into players’ hands.”

Doomsday Paradise offers many humorous scenarios and supports both single-player and online multiplayer with up to four players. Your decisions within the game have a direct impact on character stats and the dialogues of the town’s inhabitants. You have the freedom to choose where to spend your time and who to interact with each day, with different locations providing corresponding stat boosts.

The affection of the townsfolk can either increase or decrease based on your choices during encounters. At the end of each event, you’ll receive rewards such as items, stats improvements, and skills that can enhance your abilities. Periodically, you’ll engage in exciting boss battles, with your cumulative score determined by the damage you inflict.

As doomsday approaches, your choices will determine whether you have what it takes to combat the impending evil and achieve a happy ending. Alternatively, you can opt to let loose and party, hoping that your followers can pick up the slack. The outcome for each party member will be a reflection of their actions over the course of five days.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of Doomsday Paradise.

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