Grim 2D Metroidvania ‘DoomBlade’ Revealed in Trailer; Gameplay is Way Cooler Than the Generic Name Suggests

Iceberg Interactive released the first trailer for the Muro Studios-developed 2D action Metroidvania DoomBlade, in development for consoles and PC-vis Steam for a 2022 release.

DoomBlade is centered around a sentient weapon that wants to escape captivity and finally gets that opportunity when Gloom Girl seeks revenge. They both have motives to regain the blade’s strength, but that requires that they work together and navigate the world, fighting anything that comes their way.

Players must unlock the powers of The Void, which are found through progression. Each ability allows for new attacks and traversal techniques, but it looks like the action is kept at a high from the reveal trailer. Further, a few bosses were revealed as players chain together attacks to keep the momentum high and unleash high damage combos on enemies with skills that can be followed up with air dashes.

With such a generic game, I was impressed with the level of design and interesting symbiotic relationship between the two characters. Further, I think there are some cool skills that involve aiming the blade in different directions to get around.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of DoomBlade and alert you when a release date or new gameplay is revealed.

For now, you can watch the gameplay reveal below:

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