DOOM Eternal Gets Early Launch Trailer Giving Players a Overview of This Next Chapter

Bethesda released the launch trailer for the id Software developed DOOM Eternalcoming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on March 20.

The trailer highlights some of the new adventures that the Slayer will face as he returns home and realizes that it has gone to hell. Additionally, viewers get a chance to see a few different environments as well as how they can use the new monkey bars and platforming areas to move quickly across an arena.

DOOM Eternal has the player assume the role of the Doom Slayer once again, who is an ancient warrior who takes on the demonic forces of Hell. The game is played in the first-person perspective where the player will need to use a variety of different weapons and abilities to take out hordes of enemies.

Gameplay arenas allow players to swiftly move through levels and chain together kills as they switch weapons and unleash graphic attacks known as Glory Kills. Additionally, there’s a functioning grappling hook for players to use in and out of combat.

The game is the first time the studio is attempting to take on building an entire universe that stretches from heaven to hell. The team has also focused on gameplay and requires players to master the experience and be the ultimate Doom Slayer, but they have seemingly given players all the tools to do so.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

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